Tuesday, February 22, 2011

honeyDew sye sudah tua!

salam dunia.

its feb 22! honeyDew sudah tua lah.ngeee.da ble kawen ek?...haha.yes2..!gila gatal.last nite da celebrate besday honeyDew..celebrate kt kedai makan dpan ni je wif my hosmate lah.kek pon beli yg kecik ja...malas nk cte pnjg.jom lyannnn pic2 kt bwah.. :)

significant of 22 years old...

 hosmate yg same2 mnjayakan surprise farewall for amir! :)
tenkiu uol,,lyna,salomabecok,manje..

kahkahkah..muka xcited habeh!haaaaa

2 pic kt atas xd kaitan ngn besday boy ok!sje ja tempek2.huuuuuu

Friday, February 18, 2011

CH wif Luve

salam dunia.

tonite i comin wif the new entry.the lemau entry acctually.haha.apekah??my family trip to Cameron Highlands last eid lor..yes,yes,yes..almost 5 months ago rite???so lemau2 la..haha.

since i love to story together wif the pic,i'll upload some of the pic ok..

map that we r looking many places need to visit yep.but then,,only few are chosen.

hoyeahhhhhh.first place is bharat tea shop.drop there to have hi tea n see the tea plantation scenery lor.wat else rite??so mountain!ha..
my younger sis pose with syok2 face.

me wif mum before having our hi tea...tired face afte 3 hours travel from kedah to Cameron..

my love ever after!eldest sis,younger sis,mum, we r!cactus point.doing some research bout the pokok bunga there..

me!surround wif vary types of cactus...aiyoooo.fenin2

oyeahhhh.the hensem man ever in my small fmily..kuikuikui
see how big the cactus growth.if im not mistaken,the cactus grow more than we ca see..

next station is pasar tani kot..4get kea farm.ngeee
bought roselle dried fruit,stoberi dried fruit n love dried fruit..ngeeeeeee
sodap gilossss..

holllaaaa!nite already lol.jalan2 sekitar psar mlamnya..gile crowded!afte done wif reserch mum bought cactus here..she said cactus here cheaper than cactus come la...i grab chocolate stoberi n stoberi for my love amir,one for me...lalala ~~

steamboattttt as our dinner that day..haish.

another pic diner snap by sis..they serve us wif too much vege lah,,

day 2.afte having bekpes at hotel,we step at butterfly garden. garden full of flowers...

waitin to be there such a long farm la.ape lg...kan kan?.haish.very challenging place to go ok.locate top of the mount.gile gerun nk climb up.nk trun lg la jln nk msuk pon tah pape..

see the pic below ok.pic will story everythin yar....

woaaaaaaa..looks delicious rite?i knoe....haha.

enough here.arious! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

is makeover will change me...?

salam dunia.

to manage others,we have to manage ourself fest.wat is...?
one of wat my lecturer say that during my,one action has to be taken by me,itself.wat is...?
learn throughly how to manage myself at least,perfectly.which is to xplain wat d perfect is,i have to do some makeover on me! oh gosh!...sound very weird, rite?haha

have to uolll...even all my friends i close to never dress like "hentam suda".it juz, now never ever "hentam suda" style ok.

the thing is,i had started to wear SELENDANG.walaweiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
wat a very2 gud improvement.since i really hate to wear that kind of hijab before.doesn't matter whether it is a selendang or that tdung Indon.both i hate..but,that was and aftr they will accompany me.i start to feel the GREATNESS when i am wearing variety kind of hijab...!hoooooo

some pic  shown me in SELENDANG...officially,dia is my festime.haha.
lets check it out...

all these pic taken in the fitting room when i need to try some of d blouse..
how???is the selendang suit me..?

yeah!i have one adoreable thing must have oke.its gorgeous!4 me....
wanna see??






yes! its a shoes!wedges cover shoes in white n black.very elegan...
even the brand is juz ESARLI,i dont mind as long as its beautiful n comfort,of coz!
really adore.wait 4 me ya..i going to take u in a few weeks comin...haha

d heavy rain on our way back.its cool....

drop by at tesco to grab the pic below..check it out!

gagagaga.its a lot yeah..for sure.dis is our one month foods.truth is,one weeks only! lot uuuuu.dem it.tesco make me fat!hahaha

Thursday, February 10, 2011

be with you

salam dunia.

cerita housemate pulak kali ini.housemate skang dan mayb ex-housemate akan dtg.ouh.wat is...?hati sgt berat nk tggalkan apakan daya,tiada kuasa melawan takdir n mencari keselesaan diri..

stop mengomel.there's smthing to show!my actvity wif my lovely housemate ever had. :)

my housemate in d house!!! miss iylia in d house..get ready to have her supper.woaaaaaaaa

me n my soulmate InsyaAllah...the only..

another housemate! miss sri n miss manjee,yg btudung tu yep..sgt sesuai walau sbulan plus minus mnjadi housemate bersama...

my only fren.kwan hingga smp mati.dunia dan akhirat.semoga ukhwah kta sentiasa terjga..Amin..

kwan mengeteh aku!!!hollaaaaaaaa
xpcaye??cuba tgk bpe byak teh atas meja ade?ha.........

rombongan cek kiah pulang ke umah masing2.i luv u oll la...dem much!

pic taken in front of our lovely je knangan yg ade antra kite.sbelom pepisah terjadi.uhuk2,,,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

raya rabbit meet the end ((

salam dunia.

raya rabbit da nk abes.eh2,,cuti raya rabbit da nk abesla..huuu.a week is juz a short  time je.diam2 je dah smggu.da abes cuti.dah kna p blajaq blik.dah kna blik umah sewa.dah kna face kereneh2 org.arghhh!naik cuti ni mesti all the test will come.silap2, ari2 de test.yela,,before midsem ritu satu kuiz@test pon xwat,,so must put more effort lah kan?harus..

sgt mlas nk balik arau since dh smggu dok besenang dirumah.

***blank mau tulis apa ni***

end here oke.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

cny with honeyDew :)

salam dunia.

kisah gembira hari ini!out dgn my honeyDew...!besh sgt2..hihihi..well,we juz spend our tyme through watchin muvi,jejalan jap n mkn je.pastu,trus balik la..nvermind,at least ble kuar sma cinta saya.heh3..mcm la b4 ni xpenah jmpa kn??..pdehal,tiap2 mlm dok ngeteh skali.yoyo je..huuu
suka hti akulah,laki kn?nganganga.we both out around 12.15 noon from my house..arrive around 1.15.exactly 1 hour!bcoz keta byak der,kta cny..mau taola.siap ade yg ptong line ha keta durjna itu.huahuahua

bkn Honda ini ya,tp bmw itu..

ok2,mau tgk x driver aku punya rupa msa ngah drive..??nsem tao...heeee

tara!ni ha muke driver tasya.nsem an?mstla...

ni dia pic pling xle blah..xmalu betol bgmbar kt keta org.bo0o0o0o0..haaa

ha,,dah2.kitorang g nonton cte the green hornet.mule2 cam bosan gak la.since ak ni xmnat cte,bla nk smp part2 klimaks tuh,,fulamakkk syok la lwak2 lg,4 star bole la bg.lau ada 3D lg masyuk kottt.dpat rasa peluru dkat muka wehh.mcm2 gadget die design kt keta dia.

ni pic bsama si dia.alang2 da dpt seat bwah lampu tu kan,snap la 2-3 keping pic..bak kte honeyDew,nnt nk cte kt anak2.mne baba bwak mommy dorang date..kah3..

waa.thats my nose lah!  

ha.tgk tu,kapel da msuk thun ke 5 tp bru bpe kali je tgk wayang sesame???bek x?once da capai 21 years bru tnjuk belang maa...haha..budget gilos!xble blah dowh.haha..ngek!feb lepas bru stat tgk wyang same.ckup2 sthun ye..ngengenge

dah la.last pic ni mngambrkan betapa kebuluqnya ak pas tgk wyang td.tobat lapar nk mampos.smp skit kpala dbuatnya..honeyDew ckap,angin psang??wat is?em,,not honeyDew acctually.but,,xclasmate die yg ckap..dia smpaikan je..

as usual,tat nasi ayam mnjadi pilihan.kenape??paking yg senang n paling utama,cepat dan tangkas.lg utama,sodappp

ckupla tok ntri kali lg..dabedabeduuuu