Tuesday, October 25, 2011

screw week

Assalamualaikum wbt.

aduss,lma sgguh blog nni x hapdate. i am so so so BZ okeh.sgttt..mna nk mula nih, too much story nk write on until xtau mna satu nk tulis. last2 satg ap satu cte pon xpat tulis.wakakaka

ok2,,last week my mom admit at HSB due to failure of breathing. after checking checking checking doc diagnose one of the channel was blocked!ohhh.operation must be done in short so they ask to bring to GH Penang since HSB cant make it.its bypass yaww. probably me pon bz la nk urus itu ini.luckily God surround me with understandable peeps, they help me much.veryyyy much!tengs to Saloma Becok,Edayu Yusof and not forgotten HoneyDew.oyeahhhhh!

 on dat thursday i rush myself to Penang and tepaksa tggalkan kelas for two days beturut2.haiyaaaaa..QMT dua2 kelas tggal.udahla nk test ni..risau sgguh.hopefully i can maintain my pointer.sbab dh mcm ni kan i dont think i can get DL.Gosh!so ckup2 la maintain pointer jee. HD pon risau je ngn i since xdpt commit ngn stud.hahaha..smp dia sggup nk ajar i Simplex Tableau dis Weds.hihihi

until now,i stil cant setel all my asgmen.sudenly rasa mcm betimbun2 je keje dr fest week la.hadoilaa.its screw me up!too much Q asgments are waiting for me to complete it.i wonder wat will hapen to me after mom undergo that operation.juz calculate for that day..hope everything will be fine oways..

dis weds my clasmate ad organize mandi2 dkat sedim sana.dgr mcm best kan??mcm nk p je,,tp bila pk2 balik dgn byk keje ni ad msa la plak kan nk p having fun kt sana,,jgn mimpilah tasya.setel your asgment HD da ckp smlm "xpyah la p.nnt kita p la sndri" means??diaa xbg dowwwww.hahahaha.ok2,, he has a very strong strong strong jeles baq ang.

to my mom,,dis week i cant visit her. saturday bz dgn comunity service,sunday modul pulak. so hopefully the date operation will be faster and u can back home safely.

Friday, October 7, 2011

freaky monday nite

how things goes rite now?well,,i had go through such a "freaky" nite bebeh.guess guess.
eheheh,rite now i am listening to broken anger!osome gila.arghh

back to the track last monday nite me n hosmate mcm bosan2 ja kan plus xtau nk watpe maka dengan itu,we olls sume decide lah nk kuar jalan kan.so0o00,Seriab lah jawapanya.pada yg gila karok mcm iylia and juhi mmg osome lah kan tmpat tuu.ekeke,,well,nevermind pegi sana mmg muat2 ja satu Estima tuh.unlucky Soleha cant make it due to stomach could kan?gile have fun at sana.the freaky is otw balik tayar pancit!!hahahaha..OMG.adoi,,luckily everything setel and by the time 12 am,weols reach BA safely.wee~